Short Go for the Team Roping Fan

As a team roping fan, I have a love/hate relationship with the SHORT GO. It is so fun to watch, but I get pretty nervous as I watch my daughter.   Its not really any different than a basketball game when you are down to the wire in a tied ball game.  Some of the SHORT GO’s have been pretty competitive and intense.  I have a great traveling partner (my father-in-law) that is the picture taker.   If he can’t attend the roping event, he sends his Ipad for me to film it for him.    He takes this picture taking pretty serious, because he takes that Ipad to the coffee shop to show all his pals just how great his granddaughter roped.   So when he isn’t there, I have to be organized.    I am not very good at multitasking and I am not a very good picture taker.  I am usually scrambling to find a piece of paper to quickly write the times on.  It was pretty common for me to have roping times on random receipts or slips of paper that happened to be in my truck.   So I developed the Short Go Printable to help track the times for each roping. It is helpful to use when the event doesn’t have day sheets.  It is yours to download and use as well. My daughter likes to look at it after a roping to see how everyone did.   Short Go Tracker

On the Short Go Printable, I write the names and times down, when they announce who made the Short Go. I don’t always catch all of the names, but I do write all the times down. I also highlight my team roper’s time so I know when she is coming up. As the Short Go progresses I write the Short Go time (which I don’t always catch all of them) and the final combined time.  The announcer usually keeps you informed on the number 1 slot but it isn’t always apparent what position she is in if it isn’t the number 1 slot.

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